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Are you looking for pet >> Is the website safe to visit? as it claims to provide free “Among us” skin. Read the article to know the virus.

People are crazy after one of the most popular video games: “Among us,” the reason may be the simplicity and ease of digesting the game. Anyone can play the game. There is no age bar for playing the game. One of the best things is that you can download it for free on mobile by visiting Play Store. In this article, you will get to know about the website pet.

This video game is developed in the United States, but it is not limited to that region. It is going viral and is also famous in some Asian countries like Philippines, Malaysia. It is a noted point that how a game goes viral after two years of its launch. Maybe the lockdown situation where people got time to relax and hunt for a way to time pass.

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What is pet?

It is a website that claims to distribute skins, bundles, hats, and other materials related to the “Among us” for free. But the website came into notices when few visitors reported it’s legitimacy. So, we also decided to dive into the internet to dig out all the genuine information about the pet.

Because we are getting messages to rectify the website, we research and analyze the website found that a few of the articles reported negative information about it. The website will ask you to complete the survey and get your details. In the end, it will not deliver you any link or file to download the skins or bundle of the “Among us” game.

To rectify it, we also try the same, and when we visit the website, when we reach the website, a webpage showed where it was mention that clicks to enter, but when we try to relate that, it didn’t work. We are not sure about the website and think it is untruthful. We also find out some of the reactions from the Philippines, Malaysiahoping that they will convey some message regarding this but couldn’t succeed.

Is it safe to visit pet?

It is widespread that several people try to get the cheat codes or look to get purchased items for free whenever a game is realized. But it becomes harmful for them because unintentionally, they land on the page which contains a virus. The unknown source file may contain virus files in the form of apk file, zip file, or merely a link file.

We will suggest that all gamers do not download any unknown source file and visit the legit site; it is recommended for pet. Several hackers are misusing this platform to steal the people’s information by putting the file with fake names. They may ask you to complete the survey or download a specific file to get the mod file.


As the pet, we are not sure about it because we couldn’t find any access to download the file, which contains free skins. If you received such free downloaded sins or bundles, please let us know to verify it for other unaware gamers and visitors. 


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