Chhattisgarh News: 500 Pakistani Government Websites Hacked by Indian Hackers

500 Pakistani Government Websites Hacked

Raipur: Indian Hackers from Delhi and Chennai hacked over 500 sites of Pakistan Government including Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Paramilitary Force and many more. This information came from the Indian information Officer in Chhattisgarh, who is in contact with the cyber expert from Delhi.

According to the hackers, they have hacked more than 500 Pakistani government from where they were successful in gather information about the terrorists operating in Jammu and Kashmir who were planning to attack in India in the coming years.

This information was conveyed to the government’s security department so that they would be alert in advance and take the actions against those terrorists.

Indian Hackers Attacks Pakistani Websites

Hackers got access to their servers and also deleted many important Pakistani documents which seems to be impossible to recover. Government officials are currently analysing all the information imported from the Pakistani database so that they get a few more details of their plans.

Hackers still have access to many of these sites, and they are still working on it to fetch more data for their use. Too Much Confidential information about the ministry has been leaked, which will be very harmful for the entire Nation.

Pakistan used to many cyberattacks on India and other countries to harm them. This is after a very long an Indian group of hackers who work for the government were successful in their attempt of hacking into their system.

These Pakistani Government Websites were Hacked

These websites are mainly of paramilitary forces of Pakistan, Ministry of Interior and Department of Education. Many other groups on hackers are still keeping an eye on the other websites so that at the time of emergency they can be hacked very quickly.

The hackers involved in this case are mainly from Chennai and Delhi. They are willing now to attack the education and employment websites, as many illegal activities were suspected earlier. Which must be stopped as its against law and order.

Cyber hacking has become common nowadays, even twitter and youtube accounts were hacked by the hackers and demanding money from the people in the form of bitcoin so that they could never get caught by the government.



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