Chhattisgarh Latest News: Male skeleton found in a British time made well

chhattissgarh news ale skeleton found in Bhilai

Bhilai. The shocking news came from Bhilai Nagar when a male skeleton was found in a well of British time. The well is located in the Chief Medical and Health Office building, the skull and other body parts were found when the municipal corporation’s sweepers were removing the garbage from well.

Skeletons were found during removing of garbage from well

On Friday morning, the incident took place when the workers were engaged in cleaning under the cleanliness drive in the CHMO office. The office also has a British era constructed well, which is covered with an iron cage. Moving the cage from well when the cleaning workers were lifting garbage from the well, they noticed that a red T-shirt which is tied. When they untie the T-shirt, they found the male skeleton includes a skull, limb bones, and other human body parts.

The workers were shocked by the incident and soon informed the police, where the police arrived, collected all the parts as evidence, and sent it to the medical college for the DNA test. As soon the news spread, the locals gathered there, the police were with one medical examiner, he said that according to him, the skeleton seems of a male child of around 8-12 years.

But the fact will only be verified after the DNA and complete medical report. The police also took some water samples for further investigation because it might happen that the child was drowned in the well due to whatever may be the reason.

Why the medical office?

Why the medical office? It raised some questions about whether a missing report of a child of this age was filed or not. And if it has happened, then why no one tried to approach the police or report such an incident. The other theory by the police is that maybe someone murdered the child took advantage of the abandoned well because it the unused area and was uncleaned from years. But soon, the truth will be revealed after the forensic report.

Such information about the incident would be considered a co-incident only. Because the well was abandoned from years, the matter disclosed due to the beautification process of the CHMO building. Although the police registered the Puchnama against the unknown, and after the medical report, further proceedings will be done.

Confirmation will get after confirmation

Steps of the forensic report:

DNA test – In this test, the body’s residue is checked to find the gender, age, and identity of the body 

Diatom test – By this test, the body will be rectified whether the body was drowned or not

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