Chhattisgarh News: Decision on School Education during lockdown will be taken Today

Chhattisgarh: Today, the decision on how to provide school education to all the students during lockdown will be taken by the education department in the state. Also, the private Chhatisgarh schools can charge tuition fees during the lockdown.

Education in Chhattisgarh Schools of all the children is essential, and due to widespread of coronavirus in the state, it should not be affected so the government will be taking measures to ensure quality education for all the students in this lockdown.

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Meeting on Providing School Education during Lockdown

Today the school department of Chhattisgarh will be taking webinar to discuss the current way of providing education. Also, the idea of providing education in the upcoming days must be better than the earlier method and efficient.

The webinar is conducted by the Principal Secretary, School Education Department, Dr Alok Shukla and Director of Public Education (DPI) Jitendra Shukla at 12 PM today. Many official and Members from the state education department will also be present.

This webinar aims at discussing the way to enhance the efficient delivery of information to the children. They will be providing new methods to learn the concepts quickly. And ultimately increase their grasping power so that they can learn more in a short duration of time during online lectures.

Padhai Tuhar Duar program

Chhattisgarh Government has also started Padhai Tuhar Duar program to provide education to all the students in the state. Education Department is providing Online education through the website to all the school children. Many village students are facing problem of receiving proper education due to lack of internet connectivity and mobile phone.

Private Schools will now charge fees during Lockdown

High Court of Chhattisgarh has passed an order today; now all private schools owners can charge the tuition fees during lockdown to pay Teachers and staffs.

Justice P. Sam Koshy issued an order in favour of Bilaspur Private School Management Association Society which comprises of 22 private schools in Bilaspur and rejecting government proposal of not charging school fees during the lockdown.

The reason for this decision is that the private schools have to pay teachers and staffs fees from the tuition fees collected from the students. The reason for taking the school fees is justified by the online classes and exams being provided by the teachers during the lockdown.

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