Chhattisgarh: Online Exam Question Paper will be Sent via Email

Chhattisgarh Online Exam Question Paper will be Sent via Email
Chhattisgarh Online Exam Question Paper will be Sent via Email

Raipur: Chattisgarh Government allowed all colleges and universities to take online exams by sending question paper via email directly to over 4 lakh students studying in the various institutes.

Seeing the rise of coronavirus cases in many cities in the state, the government has started many new initiatives and methods to impart knowledge to every student studying in Schools and Colleges.

Colleges following Online Exams through Email

This way of Conducting Online Exams is mainly for the Final year and other Private college students. Many universities such as Durg University, Ravi University, Surguja University, Bastar University, Bilaspur University faced several problems while conducting online exams during the lockdown,

Providing Question paper online is risky as many students with the help of the internet, and other resources will cheat during the time of exams to score higher marks in their universities.

So this new method of Providing Question paper to over 4.5 lakh College students directly to their email address is a huge risk-taking step taken by the education department in these Private colleges.

Many college professors also complained that the answers of around 50% students in the batch were an exact copy of each other, so grading them according to these tests will be unfair for the hardworking students, who study hard for their exams. And ultimately, many students won’t be able to grab knowledge through online learning.

A few days back, the Admission Process for different divisions of classes were announced, and the Admission process begins from the first week of August.

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Process of Online Exams through Email in Chhattisgarh

Giving the exams through email is easy, students have to follow these steps mentioned below:

  1. Write all the answers in the plain sheet of paper.
  2. Scan all the pages and make a document out of it.
  3. Send it through email to the teacher.

If any students are unable to give exams due to some serious reason, then he can also apply for Re-examination. This has now opened many opportunities for the students as there aren’t many restrictions while giving the exams.

According to the officials, this is also valid for the final year college students so that they can complete the graduation in due course of time. With this way, the ongoing problem of conducting online exams by the colleges in Chhattisgarh during lockdown is now solved. 


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