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Chhattisgarh latest news: Each residence will get a barcode in smart city Bilaspur

Bilaspur. Although Bilaspur city was declared as a smart city five years ago, no concrete steps have been taken in that direction so far. But as part of the cleanliness drive, the garbage car is visiting door to door to pick up garbage every day. Now the news is coming that each residence will get a barcode in a smart city. By this barcode, the official will ensure that the garbage truck is regularly visiting door to door or not.

Each area will now come on the radar

Under the “Safai-Abhiyaan” scheme, every garbage vehicle has to ensure that they will reach and collect garbage by visiting every house. But there are many streets, and corners of the city where garbage vehicles do not regularly attend, due to which many complaints and reports of absconding registered daily. But from now a new initiative has been taken by the government that is to stick barcode at each individual’s house.

So, whenever a garbage collector visits any house, he/she will scan the bar code by which his/her attendance will be directly sent to the central server. It will create awareness among people and will ensure cleanliness. Because of this, if any cleaning worker did not attend or skip any house, then its information will reach directly to the officials who are monitoring it.

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The garbage vehicle will upgrade soon

The officials said that soon all the garbage collecting vehicle will be enhanced and will be equipped with a hi-tech system like camera, GPS for monitoring. By this system, one can easily track and get information about the vehicle. It will also record the live footage; this will ensure the municipal corporation’s door to door scheme.

There are many such schemes which are still pending and to be covered under the Smart City Scheme. Even today, in many cities of Chhattisgarh, herds of stray cows, dogs, and pigs can be seen anywhere. However, under the Gothan scheme of the government, there is an order to make a stray animal-free street, but the municipal corporation is not appropriately implementing it.

Just a few days ago, several cows were found in-jured which was razed in a dirty panchayat building of a village near Hirri police station, Bilaspur. Even in the name of road widening, excavation work on the roads has not been completed yet. After the new government formed by the Congress in Chhattisgarh, people have many expectations, and every Bilaspurian wants to see their city become a smart city at the earliest.

It is expected that soon Bhupesh Baghel’s government will take concrete steps this time and will insist on making Bilaspur a smart city as soon as possible.


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