Chhattisgarh News: Man commits Suicide in Quarantine Center in Kawardha

man commits Suicide in Quarantine Center
Feature Image Source: Dainik Bhaskar

Kawardha. Latest Chhattisgarh News coming from one of the quarantine centers of state

A young man at quarantine centre in Pandaria Block Kawardha commits suicide after he came with the Latha from Maharashtra on 11 July, the man asked the officials several times that he wants to go home. Still, he wasn’t allowed as this might led to increase in coronavirus cases further in his area. The body of the individual was hanging near the window in Quarantine centre where he hanged himself on the window with a piece of cloth. The body was then sent for the postmortem by the police officers at Kukadur police station.

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As per the information from accessible news sources the man’s name was Tulsi Baiga, his age was 26, and he belonged to Taitirani village in Pandaria block. He was a labourer and returned from Maharashtra on 11 July. All the people along with him who came from Maharashtra were kept at a quarantine centre in the village school.

About the incident at Quarantine Center

The man tried many times to escape from the quarantine centre as he didn’t feel good at that centre. His father used to stay at the centre outside the door to look after his son so that he didn’t try to escape again.

When the father entered the Quarantine Center to meet his son, he was found hanging himself on the window with a cloth around his neck.

8 People who were in the Quarantine centre were discharged after their Quarantine period of 7 days got over, seeing them going home he also requested the officials to let him go to his house.

Over the past few months, many people have tried to escape from various quarantine centres as staying at that environment where most of the people are suspected to be Covid-19 positive is very difficult hence, trying to escape from it is a human instinct.

Increasing Covid-19 Cases in Chhattisgarh

With an increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in Chhattisgarh, people who are affected by this disease are now kept at different quarantine centres for a week in their city. Due to that, more and more people are shifted to these centres, and many of them didn’t want to be there for long as its isolated from the outside world.

Keeping in mind of the increasing cases Chhattisgarh government has announced lockdown for seven days, few centres like medicine shops, and clinics, are allowed to open.

But due to the threat of increasing spread government is taking necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of all each individual, so the patients were not allowed to leave the quarantine centres until their report comes out to be negative. And after the recent incident where the man commits suicide officials are following more strictness around the centres and locality.


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