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Chhattisgarh Latest News: Monsoon session will start from August 25th

Raipur. The whole world is in the grip of coronavirus, and because of this school, colleges and office are closed in Chhattisgarh. From the past few months, the Legislative Assembly session was cancelled due to the spread of the infection. Many important issues could not be discussed due to that reason, but now the Chhattisgarh government has decided that the monsoon session will restart from August 25th till August 28th.

Because of the infection break out, it has been decided to keep the monsoon session short, and only some specific issues will be discussed during the meeting. After getting the declaration date of the monsoon session by Chandrasekhar Gangarade, the principal secretary, the entire Vidhan Sabha, is now sanitized and the staffs are making sure that the surroundings must remain clean, hygiene and disinfect. The official will make sure about the social distance, mask, and availability of the sanitizer at the Legislative assembly.

It is expected that during the session, topics like paddy bonus and the recently launched cow dung scheme will be discussed is the short duration of the Monsoon session. Although the opposition party BJP is all set to bump into the government by questioning the increase rate of crime, unemployment, and the control over COVID-19.

However, at present police is strict on the lockdown no laxity has been given, in Rakhshabandhan a short duration will be given for public for purchasing but with guidelines. No shopkeepers will be allowed to open the market beyond the time limit; otherwise, strict action will be taken by police.

The health minister government bungalow is sealed

The shocking news is coming, ten employees found positive who all are working in the health minister of Chhattisgarh TS Singh Deo’s bungalow. Although the minister himself and the PSO gave the test and found negative. When the news detected, the whole house was sealed and disinfected, but the bungalow will remain closed for a few days as for the safety point of view.

A few days back, nine employees in the I.B. department also detected positive, along with the joint director. The condition is getting more sensitive, and special care has to be taken. In Bilaspur too, an 85-year-old prisoner found ill due to corona, as per the news he was referred to AIIMS, Raipur due to sudden deterioration. But he was taken back to Bilaspur as AIIMS refused to admit the prisoner.


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