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Member of Parliament Vijay Baghel melodious voice

Bhilai. As from past few weeks, India is celebrating the Ram temple foundation which was laid on 5th of August. For that occasion an evening Bhajan organised by the people from Hindu community in which the Member of Parliament from Durg district Chhattisgarh Mr Vijay Baghel dedicated a song to Lord Ram in his melodious voice.

After the foundation of the Ram Janm Bhumi by the PM on Wednesday, people celebrated the whole day like it was a Diwali festival. In most cities, Bhajan-kirtan and Sunderkand were organised at the Ram temple. All are equal in the eyes of god and the same example where seen in Bhilai.

The devotees of Ram enjoyed the evening with Sandhya aarti and with BhajanBhajan, the surprising part was the singing performance given by the MP of Durg Vijay Baghel. He dedicated several bhajans to god Ram and goddess Sita. 

Diya was lightened, and firecrackers were burn 

After maha aarti and Bhajan the devotees burn the crackers and lighten up Diya, and 21 kg of laddu was dedicated to almighty god Ram. The laddu was distributed among all the devotees who participated in the event.

Meanwhile, surprising news also came from the Chhattisgarh government that the CM announces to make Ram Van Gaman Path in Chhattisgarh. The VanVan will be like the memorial of god Ram where the visitors will get to know more about Shri Ram and his journey. The area will be covered with trees and will give a natural look of the Ramayan time.

The government proposed a 3D model of the temple and the VanVan, it is expected to get complete within 2-3 years. Ram Van will also boost the tourism industry of the Chhattisgarh which will grow employment opportunities for small and medium level vendors. Hope the wait will soon be over, and the devotees will get a chance to visit the man-made holy land of god Ram.

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