Chhattisgarh Latest News: 5 year old girl raped and murdered by her cousin brother

chhattisgarh news 5 year old girl raped

Jashpurnagar. An example of how inferior the human mind and its thinking can come registered in the Jashpurnagar, where a 5 year old girl raped and brutally murdered by her cousin brother, her cousin is also a minor. The news went on viral and shocked the whole Chhattisgarh, although after police intervention the culprit is behind the bar.

The full matter

The case is of Rajpur area of ​​Jashpurnagar; the incident was first reported on July 24. According to the news, the minor used to take animals out for feeding cattle every morning, but this morning on July 24 he took his five years old cousin sister with him. Because he was her brother no one doubt about his character and as usual allowed to go with him.

The accused came back alone without informing anyone, but the matter raised when the girl didn’t come back. The victim’s parents searched everywhere along with the culprit; he was also pretended that he is in worry. Soon the family informed the police, the police then acknowledged the whole issue and registered the missing FIR and send the search party.

At the time of interrogation with the family members, when the police asked the accused minor about the whole matter, he puzzled the police by misguiding them. The police suspected the boy and took him to the police station and put pressure on him, and there the minor broke and gave the statement about the whole truth.

He told to the police that during cattle feeding to the pets he took his cousin with him and raped her, also added that to hide the whole matter he murdered the child and threw her body near the waterfall. Police immediately took action and found the dead body of a five year old who was raped and brutally murdered by her cousin.

The culprit was booked under section 302, 376 and POSCO act, at present, he is in jail.

Brutally murder

The accused minor told to police that he used a burdensome stone to kill her cousin, he beat up so severely that her skull got crushed which cause her to death. Along with the police, the entire state was shocked by the revelation of the minor. This incident disgrace the whole humanity and the relationship between the brother and sisters.

What is the psychology that forced a minor to do so?

According to the study, the researchers say that if a person sees the visuals continuously and surround with the same talks, and spent times with the same mind, then it gradually increases the fantasy in the brain. The brain started thinking in that direction; the other reason behind is the availability of such sources. Nowadays, it is easy to activate a sim and internet. Parents must stop giving their minors access to smartphones and gadgets that may hit the brain negatively. 

There is an increase in the number of this kind of pattern in rape shows the carelessness of sensitivity. Soft Porn videos are easily accessible over the internet. Each parent has to map there child and upon their activities, not forcefully but in a friendly way.

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