Chhattisgarh News latest: 70 cows were found dead at Gothan

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The Recently started project for sheltering cows seems derailed by its promise; it is looking like Chhattisgarh CM ambitious project Godhan Nyay is on stake. Disappointing news came in the morning of 25th July when more than 70 cows were found dead on the temporary built Gothan.

The full matter

The news is of the Medpara village comes under Hirri police station area which is around 15 km from the Bilaspur city. As per the ambitious project of the Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel the Gothan Nyaya project, several Gothan (stable) was selected for temporary usage, but all went wrong when the cows were found dead in an interim made stable by the officials in Medapara village.

Under the Gothan scheme, it was decided that the area in which the abandoned government Bhavan or centre will be used for Gothan Center. And keeping this in view, a dilapidated building was selected by the panchayats near Hirri police station area for Gothan Nyay Yojna.

As per the plan, it was decided to keep all the stray cows in this Gothan house of the Medhpara village during which the cows lured in excess which was the main reason behind the deaths. Apart from this, the place where the cow was kept was in terrible condition; the whole Gothan was covered with dirt, filth and garbage. 

The day before the incident, all the cows were kept in the darkroom due to which the incident happened. People came to know when the terrible smell started coming from the Gothan centre on Saturday morning. The matter was revealed when people opened the door in a hurry and saw that more than 70 cows found dead due to darkroom, smell and unhygienic surroundings. 

After the officials reached, they faced the resentment by the people, and they accused them of being negligent. When the officials got informed about it, they reached the site immediately to suppress the case, the employees dragged the dead cows from the tractor and loaded them into the crane and took it with them.

Even before such an incident has happened many times, such negligence has been exposed continuously by the authorities of administration. Only the time will tell when this period of carelessness and the lousy system stops. However, the top officials have taken cognizance of this incident.

Gothan Nyay Yojana

Gothaya Naya Yojana was launched by CM Baghel, according to this scheme all stray cows will be kept at Gothan centre. Due to an increase in stray cows, the traffic system had deteriorated, in many places cases has also been registered of stray animal attack on people so it was a much-needed scheme.

According to this scheme, the main aim of the government is to make the female cow liable to produce milk. The Gothan project will help to reduce the unemployment by making biogas with cow dung, produce milk, making fertilizers and many more. 

The government has also planned to buy 2 Rs/kg cow dung; cattle reader can get benefit from this scheme by selling cow dung and vermicompost to the government directly, the price of prepared vermicompost is kept 8 Rs/Kg.

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