Chhattisgarh News: Admission in Schools from Class 1 to 11 Starting from First Week of August

Chhattisgarh School Admission :- Raipur Admission in all Chattisgarh Schools from class 1 to 11 stars from from1 August to 20 August. Today online webinar was conducted for all the teachers, officers and employees.

Around 35,000 people attended the webinar named” Possible is the best initiative'” by the Chhattisgarh School Admission Department.

There were many positive outcomes from the webinar, ideas were proposed on how to provide proper education facility through online platforms to the placed where there is no internet facility available, and many points were brought into attention.

Admission Process through will run online till 20 August There are different admission process for various divisions of class. The government will try to experiment in many different ways through which more students could get the benefit of online education during the lockdown.

In the webinar, it was announced that the admission process would begin from the first week of August till the third week so that all the student could get the time to apply online for the admission.

Director of Public Education (DPI) Jitendra Shukla said that the government would provide many facilities such as Bicycles, Books and school uniforms to all the students who can’t afford to buy it due to the financial crisis in their home. 

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3 Division Process For Chhattisgarh School Admission

  1. To Take Admission in Class 9 and 11: Students need to submit their class 8th essential school documents to take admission in grade 9 and 11 respectively. Admission in other courses will require previous class documents for verification.
  2. To Take Admission in Upto 6 the Class: Children seeking access from Primary class to 6th class will need to submit the list of required documents sent by the Primary School during the admission process.
  3. To Take Admission in Upto 8th Class: Block Education Officers will provide the list of of all the candidates eligible to take admission also they will look into the whole admission procedure. Also, a separate file would be created where all the new student’s name will be included.

Hopefully, all the students in Chhattisgarh will be able to get the benefit of education at their home without facing any problem due to poor internet connectivity or mobile phones.

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