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Chhattisgarh news: Bhilai Steel Plant to make steel plates for Gaganyaan

Bhilai. Proud moment for Chhattisgarh, Bhilai Steel Plant to make steel plates for Gaganyaan spacecraft which is a much-awaited mission for the country. In this mission, India will send astronauts for the first time in the history of space science of India. India will become the first country after China in Asia who will send astronauts to space in the Made in India spacecraft.

Bhilai Steel Plant manufactured steel plates for Gaganyaan

It is the proud moment for Chhattisgarh because BSP (Bhilai Steel Plant) sent a manufactured steel plate for the Gaganyaan, the material was produced in the rolling mill of BSP. The 9.3 mm thickness sheet is manufactured and produced under the guidance of the Chief General Manager of Rolling mill and Quality check with the inspection team of the plant.

The material was prepaid under the direction of the Vikram Sarabhai Space Research Centre, 102 tonnes prepared in FY 2018-19, and 160 tonnes in FY 2019-20. Earlier also the Bhilai Steel Plant participated and co-operated in the nation-building like the longest rail tracks, pellets and many other engineering products.

Mission Gaganyaan

Gaganyaan is that ambitious space project of India, which many scientists and people of India may have dreamed of. The Gaganyaan mission was earlier known as Orbital Vehicle programme, in which two astronauts will be able to travel. For the mission, the scientists put their project in front of the government at first in 2006, but due to the less political motive and support the project was delayed.

After 2014, the new government came, and the project was again forwarded, with the support of the government both financially and politically the project started in 2018. It is expected that by the end of 2021, India will successfully launch its first human spacecraft mission name Gaganyaan.

The project

Under the mission, the plan is to create a vehicle that can carry 3-4 astronauts with having enough oxygen until the mission accomplished, the design will be made like a capsule. As per the plan, the Gaganyaan will be sent to the lower orbit of the earth, where the astronauts will carry out their mission.

To successfully execute the mission, the Indian Airforce pilots are getting training in the Russian space agency; they are playing a vital role in the preparation of the four-person who will be sent to the space for mission Gaganyaan.

It is the much-awaited mission for all the Indians because other than US, USSR, and China, no other country in the world carried out the space mission like this. The first person who did a spacewalk was astronaut Yuri Gagarin of the USSR in the spacecraft.

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