Chhattisgarh latest news: CM Bhupesh Baghel questions the Rafael deal

Raipur. July 29 was a historic day for India as 5 Rafale fighter jets from France landed safely at Ambala airbase in India. Rafale has been an issue at the center for a few years now, and from time to time, Congress raise this topic very strongly. This time CM Bhupesh Baghel questions Rafael deal, although he congratulated the Indian Airforce for the Rafale, but with a tweak.

Baghel wrote to his Twitter account congratulating the Indian Air Force and wrote that there is something, sir, he retweeted Congress President R@hul Gandhi’s tweet. Though the matter of questions on Rafael deal was not commented on very much, Leader of Opposition Dharamlal Kaushik called it a historic moment.

He said that the first installment of Rafale had been done, yet another installment is on the way, he said that this deal was a much-needed deal for the Indian Airforce. It will strengthen the power of our IAF and will give a technical lead in a counterstrike against Pakistan and China. The former CM of Chhattisgarh Raman Singh also congratulated the IAF for the successful delivery of the Rafale.

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The controversy?

The matter is of 2016 when the Modi government, by seeing the demand and upgradation on the Indian Airforce sign an accord with the France government for the delivery of thirty-six fifth-generation Rafale fighter jet. As per the report, the Air Force does not have any 5th generation stealth fighter jet. It was a much-needed assignment for the force. 

Although India is having Russian fighter jets Sukhoi, it is not competent to today’s demand. There are many technical aspects where improvement is needed, and Rafale was a much-needed weapon for the Air Force. If we talk about China, they are having self-made JF-16, JF 20 fighter jets claims to be the 5th generation stealth fighter jets.

But as per the experts, J-20 of China is less competent to France’s Rafale. Anyway, this deal has created panic in the neighboring country, but this deal was crucial for the country’s security.

The five beasts covered 7000 kilometres from France to and on Ambala Airbase, India. The INS Kolkata also joined the celebration and, in tribute to Rafale’s welcome, the Fighter jet by showering water. Let us tell you that the first instalment of Rafale was to reach the last year in September 2019, but it was delayed due to some reason. Now the remaining instalment is to be completed in September 2021.


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