Chhattisgarh News: Hoax spread on women’s death due to COVID-19

hoax on womens death in Raipur

A rumour stirred up in the Raipur locality when a video went on viral, a hoax spread on women’s death due to COVID-19. The prank was of a few days back when a woman residing in Bhatagao was admitted to the hospital died due to COVID-19. The hoax victim women made a video to condemn the fake news about her death.

All this confusion popped up due to a misunderstanding, a few days back in the same locality one woman of the victims family died due to coronavirus.

About the incident

This latest cover on Chhattisgarh news came on 21st July when the hoax spread on women’s death due to COVID-19. When the locals were asked about the news, they said that some anti-social elements spread this rumour just for fun. Soon the lady presented herself on a video and cleared the confusion.

After this rumour, the victim made a video with the help of a nearby ward-girl in which she presented proof that she is alive. In the video, the girl blamed the councillor of a locality; she said that the councillor did not take any cognizance of such rumours.

Councillors view

When the councillor was asked about the matter, he told that the women in the video are a relative of that woman who died a few days back due to COVID-19. He also mentioned that he has nothing to do with the rumour, and it is not his duty to stop the rumour and is not aware who spread the hoax about that lady. The reason for pushing his (councillors) name is still unclear, and maybe it is due to some political motivation behind.

The councillor further mentioned about the situation is that after detecting the first case in that locality he reported to the medical team about it but when they reach to sanitize the locality and to take the test of all the locals. People started pelting stones and block the entrance so that no team members from the medical team can take the test. 

Present Condition of Raipur due to COVID-19

If we talk about the capital Raipur, then the Corona Patient figure has reached beyond a thousand. Condition is at a critical juncture, recently in Bilaspur’s central jail, nine positive cases have been detected. Although, the announcement of lockdown has already been announced across the state from tomorrow, 22nd July.

In all the ten districts of Chhattisgarh, the CM has slammed strict observance of lockdown, the responsibility of strict adherence to the order has been given to the collectors of all the districts. The districts which are found to be in the red zone and will face lockdown are:

  • Raipur
  • Bilaspur
  • Korba
  • Durg
  • Janjgir-Chapa
  • Dantewada
  • Ambikapur
  • Mungeli

All the information about restrictions, relaxation and the curfew has been acknowledged to all the districts. The curfew will be imposed in Raipur from 9 pm onwards. However, people will get the freedom to use medical services and medicines during the day time only, after 9 pm permission will be granted only to the emergency cases.



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