Chhattisgarh News: Naxalites killed their comrades

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Dantewada. The latest news coming from the core of the Naxal region Dantewada, Chhattisgarh where Naxalites killed their comrades in a mutual debate. The debate had grown so much that in anger, the Naxalite commander killed the opposing fellow Naxalites. It has often been seen that Naxalites try to kill their partner either when they suspect or oppose it.

During the Incident

Naxalites called a meeting in Potli, a small village of Aranpur in Dantewada district, that night all the people of that village were also invited to attend the meeting. The meeting was called by Naxalites to cut the recently stored road in Dhruvapara, adjacent to village Potli.

Due to the construction of a road in Dhruvapara, the movement of police increased, and the camp of CRPF was also set up, due to which the Naxalites objected. In this regard, when the Naxalite meeting was ongoing, there was talk of cutting the newly constructed road, which was opposed by the Naxalite Tiddo and Bajrangi.

He did not consider cutting this newly constructed road right. He said that due to road construction, free electricity is now available in this village, and the ambulance facilities are also started, which was very necessary. Within a moment, the Naxalites started arguing among themselves, the Naxalite commander Jailal and Somru both got angry and killed both the Naxal who protested.

During this period, Naxalites also beat up badly around 10-15 villagers who came to the rescue in which few got a minor injury, and few of them are in critical condition. After this incident, police were informed immediately after which the police immediately reached there and got the injured admitted to the hospital.

The hope of the development

N axalite’s stronghold in Dantewada is now starting to dislodge Naxalite’s feet, and hope of the development in Dantewada is on a row. In most areas, police patrolling has increased, and many CRPF camps have been set up. 

The day before this incident, the Naxalite statue was uprooted by villagers in the Nilavaya Village. After breaking the idol, villagers themselves gave information about it to the police station, after which the police also destroyed the remaining pieces of the idol and removed from there with the help of villagers.

Residents of Nilavaya said that a few days ago, all the villagers were asked to forcibly donate and place a statue of Naxalite commander Gundadhur by the Naxalites. The villagers were also forced to construct and set up the whole statue; now, the atmosphere has just started to become normal, roads have started forming, and most importantly, villagers are also promoting constructions and development.

People of the region are now beginning to understand the needs of development, due to which the Naxalite movement started decreasing from few months. Dantewada’s SP also considered all these movements a good sign and hope that soon. Now the sympathy towards Naxalites is also less among the villagers, and soon the region will be Naxalite-free said the SP of Dantewada.




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