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Ram temple bhumi poojan: 5th August PM Modi will join the rituals

The wait for many years is going to end now because tomorrow, Prime Minister Modi will reach Ayodhya and lay the foundation of Ram temple. Tomorrow PM Narendra Modi will attend the Ram temple bhumi poojan, and he will be there for around three hours. All the proceedings have been either completed or almost completed.

From the past few weeks, the whole Ayodhya city is getting cleaned, sanitized and decorated with paintings, graffiti, and decorative lights. All the devotees of God Shri Ram are excited by this, and a diya has been collected in every house so that they can lighten-up during Bhumi Pujan to welcome God Ram.

Saint Yudhishtir, the only invitee from Chhattisgarh

However, several individuals are waiting to become part of the historic day and want to participate in the Ram temple bhumi poojan. Still, only a few lucky one’s received the invitation where Saint Yudhistir Ji is one of them. Saint Yudhistir Ji is from Shadanni Darbaar; he is the ninth Peethadhish and a lucky one to receive the official invitation.

All the political leaders of the Chhattisgarh also are sent there good wishes to the Saint for his journey. Let us inform you that from India only 150 Saints were invited, although those who left-out felt dis-heartened. But all the devotee of Shri Ram is waiting for the live telecast of bhumi poojan.

Tomorrow’s day is going to be unique for the people of the Chhattisgarh too, Aarti and Puja will be performed in the Ram temple of the Raipur city. 

South Korean link of Ayodhya

Do you know or heard about the South Korean relationship of Ayodhya, as per the history written in the textbook in South Korea the princess of Ayodhya Suri-Ratna married to a South Korean King. The princess Suri-Ratna is known as Heo Hwang in South Korea.

Although there is no proof registered, the members of their dynasty have strongly believed in the connection. It is the reason why around 11% of the population of South Korea believes Ayodhya as there maternal grandmothers hometown. The South Korean Embassy also participate in Diwali festival every year in Ayodhya to pay respect. 

As the whole country is facing restrictions which is why no one from Princess Suri-Ratna dynasty has been invited. It is believed that she is from Karak dynasty and which is why few believe that Karak became Korea. Although it is a matter of debates, this beautiful connection between India and Korea shows a strong belief in one ideology.

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