Chhattisgarh News: PET, PPHT and PPT Exams Cancelled, Admission will be Online

PET, PPHT and PPT Exams Cancelled

Chhattisgarh News: The Chhattisgarh Government has cancelled PET, PPHT and PPT Exams for admission in Technical courses on Sunday. Its a sign of relief for all the students waiting for the final dates for these exams.

Now it’s clear that the many Chhattisgarh exams are cancelled and admission criteria will be based on the numbers scored by the students in their school or graduation exams which were held before the spread of COVID-19 in the state. Results of these school exams were declared online by the Government a few days back.

Major Exams in Chhattisgarh Delayed

Technical Education, Skill Development and Employment Department of Chhattisgarh has currently delayed the Major other exams such as PET, PPHT, PPT and PMCA due to the spread of coronavirus.

A student has to submit an application form through online Counselling to get admission into Bachelor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Engineering and Diploma in Engineering.

State Government will soon release the Final dates of the Counselling so that all the students can apply through the online application form.

Reason for Chhattisgarh Exams Getting Cancelled

These exams were postponed many times because of the COVID-19 disease due to which the state was entirely under lockdown for continuous three months.

After the lockdown, the cases further increased rapidly so many districts in the state are now under lockdown for seven days which will also be extended to ensure health and safety of the people.

In Chhattisgarh, more than 25,000 seats are available out of which 15,000 seats are for engineering college students. For PET Class 12 Markes and PPT class 10th Markes will be considered as the main criteria for admission.

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After these exams were postponed many times, there were many speculations that the reviews will get cancel due to the widespread of corona everywhere.

And Daily Around 300 – 400 cases are coming of COVID-19 Positive in Chattisgarh, and mostly the cases are from Raipur where daily 200+ patients are getting admitted in the hospital.

So, until the cases become controllable after a few months the admission process will finally begin and all the schools and colleges will start running as earlier.


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