No Chinese Rakhi: Traders association boycotted Chinese Rakhi in Chhattisgarh

As this time, due to coronavirus breakout, there will be no celebration for Rakhi. Still, the good news is that the traders association boycotted the Chinese Rakhi, and from now only made in India Rakhi will be tied on the wrist of the brothers by their beloved sisters and sisters-in-law. This year people will celebrate Rakshabandhan by staying quarantine from the safety point of view.

Due to COVID-19 widespread, the situation is challenging in the whole state in Raipur alone found more than 200 positive in one day. It is the reason why the government requested the people of the Chhattisgarh to stay home and stay safe. The whole state is under lockdown, any types of public gatherings and celebrations are banned. However, during day time you can go out to purchase the daily needs, but after 6 PM (depends upon city) no one is allowed to break the lockdown.

Place the order of Rakhi via online 

Seeing the current situation, the association has also started taking online orders. Now you can order your favorite Rakhi on one click, and the seller will deliver the product as per the order. For that they started sending a message to all the customers, they have to select the product they want and have to place the order.

B0yc0tt of Chinese products?

During a recent clash on the L-A-C b0rder between India and Chhina, several soldiers were objected from both the side. After the incident, a voice was raised @gainst Chhinese products, the Indian government also b@nned 59 Chhinese application and recently again b@nned 44 Chhinese application.

In India the market share of Chhina is still an impact for the local and small vendors, there is a massive gap in the import and export ratio of India and Chin, and it is directly affecting the small scale industries and manufacturers. However, specific measurements and changes in the trade policy has been stood up by the central government of India. A stats below showing a decline of export from India by 2020.

The trader association also supports the break on Chinese g00ds; they further took one step ahead and b0yc0tted Chinese Rakhi. The association decided to sell only made in India products only, and this step will not only help to grow the local market but also will give the occupation to the neediest. 

Earlier also a downfall in the market of Chinese smartphone brand MI has been seen. The public also wants to push the made in India brands whether it is in the segment of Rakhi or the smartphones.


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