Chhattisgarh News: Collector bans Selling Gutkha and Tobacco in Jashpurnagar

Jashpurnagar: Collector Mahadev Kavre, keeping in mind the current situation of Coronavirus infection COVID-19, that has become an epidemic in just a few days in many different countries of the world. More than 200 people have been infected with the Corona-19 virus in Jashpur district.

From the health perspective, it is being spread rapidly after coming in contact with the coronavirus infected person; there is a strict instruction of maintaining social distancing with everyone around.

It is often seen that people consume tobacco, gutkha, tobacco and spit in a public place and spit in the public place due to which there is a danger of increasing infection further, in such a situation the rights obtained under the Pandemic Act 1897.

Due to this, the sale and sale of gutka, tobacco, and tobacco added paan is immediately banned in the entire Jashpur district. For violation of the order, Section 188 IOI Action will be taken against the person.

After this, the Black Market for these gutkha, tobacco and pan containing tobacco has grown exponentially, and also the prices of these items have increased many folds as the demand of these kinds of thing is very high as the people who are consuming it daily for them its necessity.

Why Collector Bans Selling Gutkha and tobacco

As everyone knows to consume these products, harm the health, and ultimately the immune system gets weak and in this time of COVID-19 where the immune system in the body plays a vital role in fighting from the virus and recovering it.

So the step taken by the collector is genuinely justified as if any COVID-19 positive Patient consumes it and throws the left out part after chewing on the public areas then it will affect a large section of people all around.

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Over the past few months, Raipur and other districts of Chhattisgarh have seen rapid growth of cases due to which many parts of the Chhatisgarh are now under Complete Lockdown so that everyone stays at home safely.

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