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US election is one of the hot topics in today’s world media, not only on one’s channels, but social media is busted out with the election campaign that is taking place in America. In this article, we will discuss the Gopvote com Flvote and the ongoing process of voting.

United States election was always a point of attraction because it decided several outputs like mutual relationships with the fellow country and internal and external affairs. In this election, both the party is on fire to get on top, and that is why Trump sued several ways of voting based on mismanagement.

What is the GOP vote situation?

At present, the Presidential election and the Vice-Presidential election are also on trending topics, and the reason is that the Indo-American candidates Kamala Harris, she is half Indian and not letting any chance to attract the Indo-American voters in the United States.

On the other side, Trump is looking wildly charged against his opponent for the Presidential candidate Joe Biden. He did not want to left any loophole in the election and wants confirmation of the fair voting. In the last election for the President, a partial interference of the other countries on election came in front as news. So, Gopvote com Flvote is ensuring to be fair and not to allow for the extended voting option.

In favor of GOP

Trump also gave a significant statement that he will not accept the election result as he and is his GOP are against the newcomer who just became eligible for voting. The republicans are helping 60$ million gets out the voting campaign and favor running Gopvote com Flvote. According to them, they must get a chance to vote for it. 

But according to the Trump and their allies, the Court of Florida gave a judgment that those who recently on Parole or released from jail must have to clear all their dues and fines before becoming eligible for the right to vote.

The debate

Recently a heated debate last Wednesday happened where both the VP candidates gave an average performance, and people not appreciated it and expected as they thought. The recent COVID-19 case in the White House also became a point of interest. The critics mentioned that Kamala Harris had several issues where she can top the debate but failed to do so. So, overall the GOP is suspending the ballot box voting extension. 

Around 17 states have been implemented as to suspend the wing. Due to the current Covid-19 situation, it is expected that people will not come out to give their votes. It is expected the number of absentees will increase more will go against the favor of Trump.


Although the election campaign is in full mode, people are eagerly waiting for the results. Still, the few of the election campaign reactions are surprisingly coming out, so visit Gopvote com Flvote. You can also share your thoughts about the election in the comment section.


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