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Hosting QuickBooks in the Cloud: Top 4 Benefits | Latest Updates 2022

E-commerce businesses have become the backbone of our economy, and effective accounting software has become a fundamental necessity for these fast-growing SMEs.

QuickBooks Enterprise is one of the leading accounting services companies used in a variety of industries including retail, logistics, manufacturing, and construction. In addition to the effective bookkeeping provided by QuickBooks, you can maximize its benefits by hosting in the cloud. The major advantages of hosting QuickBooks in the cloud are:

1. Remote Access

Hosting QuickBooksallows accountants and certified accountants to manage their accounting processes from anywhere in the world. Company financial information is easily accessible to the entire team across multiple locations via the cloud, increasing financial transparency and creating accessible records for auditing.

The availability of remote access through cloud hosting allows teams to quickly process financial inquiries by viewing data remotely on your Cloud desktop service. This allows your business to run smoothly without waiting for approval from your finance team for long periods, providing your team with true collaboration experience.

2. Reduced Expenses

To maximize profits and grow SMEs, you need to cut costs through effective methods such as automation. Moving to QuickBooks cloud hosting will store most of your data digitally and establish a paperless accounting process.

QuickBooks Hosting Cloud allows you to get rid of large amounts of paper-based data by emailing invoices and receipts, filing tax returns online, and correcting financial data errors online. It saves a considerable amount of money on printing, processing, and storing these files, making your business more environmentally friendly.

3. Ensure the Safety of Your Data

As digitalization becomes more competitive, protecting financial data from all potential threats is becoming an increasingly challenging challenge for businesses. Threats to accounting data can come from local infrastructures such as accidental removal, spyware, viruses, and hardware malfunctions, or external factors such as hacks, cyberattacks, and disaster situations.

QuickBooks cloud hosting can secure the data in the cloud with advanced built-in threat detection and protection firewalls. Service providers use regular encryption and data transfer protocols to protect their data and minimize the risk of data breaches or losses. Multiple backups of files are guaranteed to prevent accidental data loss. Advanced security measures such as multi-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption, and access control have also been introduced and are essential to the system.

4. Backup and Disaster Recovery

Every company needs to invest in a disaster recovery solution. But for medium-sized businesses, the cloud is a great alternative due to the lack of funding and skills. In the cloud server, QB data is stored in highly secured data centers. All business data is backed up regularly and stored on multiple servers, so there is no risk of data loss. In addition, data transmission is secure because it is based on a highly encrypted data transmission protocol.


QuickBooks Desktop Hosting is very useful now and in the long run. It is also beneficial to use an Intuit-certified QuickBooks provider like Apps4Rent which also offers a variety of hosting and migration services to migrate from Google workspace to Office 365. These providers also offer end users many benefits, including Automatic updates, regular data backups, automated data entry, remote access, etc.


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