How To Get Among Us Coloring Pages For Kids

Among us came out in 2018, taking inspiration from several other party games in the same vein and didn’t receive much attention till 2020. However, there was a massive spike in players two years earlier when the game suddenly exploded on YouTube and Twitch. Since then, it has been extremely popular among children of all ages.

Naturally, there is a vast market for Among Us merchandise both online and offline. One of the trending items is colourings pages, which are available for little kids. If you are a parent looking to buy your child one of these, this list will help you find websites that sell them.

Coloring Home

This website is made for children and provides free colourings pages for them. On the official website, you can see the pages of various themes such as Paw Patrol, My Little Pony, Fortnight, Halloween, Pepper Pig, and many more. There is a section of the most popular pages on the site, as well as the most recent collections they’ve added to it.

You can search for the pages you want from the search bar, and the Among Us album is featured on the front page. The pages are high resolution and appropriate for kids.

Coloring Only

This website has an enormous catalogue of pages and isn’t limited to popular games or children’s entertainment. It has an Adults and Kids section separate and also provides pages under the theme of animals, abstract, and material objects or still life. Colouring only provides variety and versatile art designs to the customers, and the best part is it is entirely free.

The website features Among Us colourings pages and states there are about 200 of them available for download. While the adult section can be unsafe for a child, the website makes a distinction in its content. 


This website has a fantastic user interface and some of the best art designs on this list. All of the pages are in high resolution, and the art is extensive and covers the entire page. While there are only 100 pages under the Among Us section, the website has an unbelievably expansive collection of albums from all sorts of children’s entertainment media. Get Pokémon redeem code.

In addition to Among Us, you can find albums of all kinds of games and animated shows on the website. There is even a section for adults to browse and download pages from. We recommend checking out Wonderday.


Colouring Pages only is another website that has the same UI and collections as the first two entries on this list. There isn’t much to note about the site, but it does have accessible Among Us themed albums to download. However, the pages don’t seem to have the best art design, and we would recommend browsing through the other ones first. 

You can find the Among Us collection by searching the website’s library through the search bar provided on top. Other albums include Pushed, Dead pool, Batman and more.


Razukraski has a reasonably extensive library when it comes to colourings pages for the game. The pages are good in quality and even have a one-line description underneath them which increases the charm of the site. The art designs on their colourings pages can be complex and challenging for kids. However, it will help them develop a sense of art and colour palette.

Some of the trending albums on Razukraski are Squid Game, Fortnight, Raya and the Last Dragon, and several others. We recommend checking out this website because of its friendly interface and unique artwork. Some of the albums will even make you want to try your hand at art. 

What do I do with a colorings page?

Choose any of the websites from this list that works best for you and browse through the catalogue. Select an artwork you are satisfied with and download it on your PC. Now, if you have a printer at home, you can directly print these on appropriately sized sheets of paper. If not, you can find shops that will provide a print-out for you from the nearest campus or software store.

Once you have printed them, you can hand them to your child and let their imagination run wild. Let them have fun with the design and teach them to colour inside the edges!


Among Us’s popularity comes from its quick incorporation into meme culture and YouTube Kids content. Colouring Pages are a fun way for children to develop their skills for art and crafts while developing muscle memory. A culmination of one of the most viral online games and this fun activity is a healthy way for a child to spend their time at home. 

Get your child an album to color and let us know how they reacted to it in the comments below!

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