How To Get Robux From Microsoft

Roblox is a popular video game among younger generations. The game was first introduced in 2006 by Roblox Corporation, and it has since attracted over a hundred million users. Roblox offers in-game transactions and item shops, much like any other successful game. To purchase items, you’ll need Robux, the game’s currency.

While it is difficult to find free ways to obtain Robux, there are ways to do it. This article will help you understand the currency and the legal method of obtaining it for free. 

What is Robux&Roblox Premium?

Roblox Premium is a premium service that has been incorporated into the game. This service is rather pricey and includes subscription rates. However, it does provide monthly Robux deposits, so if a user is eager, they can switch to a premium account. Robux is the game’s currency that users need to buy and sell commodities.

Users require Robux to purchase in-game modifications and avatar accessories. They have to register on the Robux Page to acquire Robux. It is handy since it allows you to customize and graphically control your Roblox games.

How does someone get Roblox Premium?

To begin, you must first register a Roblox account and sign up. It’s impossible to subscribe to a service without first creating an account. Once you’ve logged in, check the ‘Go Premium’ button on the website, which takes you to different plans. Users can choose the plan that best meets their needs here.

Interested buyers can purchase Robux for $4.99/month or $19.99/month. While the $4.99 option provides 450 Robux each month, the other one provides 2200. On the site, you can find a plan that deposits 1000 Robux for $9.99. Premium subscribers will receive the following benefits:

  • A monthly deposit from Robux to your account, dependingon your subscription.
  • Every time you buy Robux from the official website, you will get 10% more Robux.
  • Trading privileges on Roblox.
  • Special discounts at Avatar Shops and ItemShops.
  • Creative controls when creating a game, etc.

Why is it tough to get Robux for free?

It’s hard to find free Robux these days. When game engines started using in-game currency, many users tried to exploit loopholesThey would get Robux by selling or trading items without paying the company a penny. This situation was not good for game developers as it technically infringed on their property.

If the user pirates the currency without paying for it, the developer will incur losses. The same is true for Greenville Roblox Corporation. If you lose, you must take action against it.

As a result, Roblox Corporation has revoked sales and transaction access for non-premium users. This move has prevented users from getting Robux in exchange for items. From the company’s point of view, it was wise to ban piracy and free currency.

Why is it dangerous to get free Robux?

The reality is that most Roblox players are kids who are susceptible to crooks. Many scammers force players to submit personal information or financial details. Then they steal the money and disappear with it incognito.

Many scams claim to distribute free Robux. Players can even get malware or viruses from these sources. The virus/malware is programmed to steal data and important documents from your desktop and sell them to websites. Therefore, users must be wary when looking for free sources on the internet.

Where can I get free Robux?

While there are ways to get free Robux illegally, the most legitimate and safe way is to use the services of Microsoft. Intrigued? Read the following steps to understand the process and how you can earn free currency!

Robux from Microsoft Rewards:

Microsoft has created a program for free that provides reward points for interacting with their services. One must first create an account with the service to log in. Users will be given daily activities and quests to collect reward points. Users can also earn these points simply by using Bing instead of Google Search or shopping on the Microsoft Store.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • You can earn many reward points through the program.
  • Go to the Benefits page and select the Roblox Digital Code option.
  • Here you can buy the gift cards you need. There are several options for browsing.
  • You will receive a code by email from Microsoft at the time of purchase. The email also contains the PIN required to use the code.

To redeem your digital codes, you will have to enter the PIN you received. Once done, you will get the amount of Robux that the code offers.


There are many ways you can use to get Robux for free. Some are legal, as mentioned above, while others are scams that can harm you. Before using any site, you should always take responsibility and ensure that the website is safe.

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