Raigarh Police distributes over 12 lakh masks on the Raksha Bandhan Day

Raigarh: Today on Raksha Bandhan day Police in the presence of Minister Umesh Patel distributed over 12 lakh and 37 thousand masks to the people. They created a record for the most numbers of masks distribution within 6 hours.

Currently, the record is listed in Golden Book of records, and soon it will be listed on other records agency too. It’s a great achievement for the state as it will motivate everyone to carry on taking these steps.

This is the first time these many masks were distributed in Chhattisgarh state, and the government should start taking more such steps so that spread of coronavirus could be controlled.

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Since morning Minister SP Santosh Singh, Umesh Patel, Collector Bhim Singh started distributing the masks in many parts of the Raigarh district. According to the sources, over 12 lakh masks were distributed by the police, and around three lakhs masks were distributed by other institutions.

Over 12 Lakh masks Distributed in Raigarh

Raigarh Police started giving masks to everyone from 9 AM to 3 PM at different places in Raigarh. Masks were given to all the people who were travelling during the Raksha Bandhan day on the roads.

This initiative for providing masks free to the people was the combined effort of 360 organizations, 985 policemen and 7,500 volunteers who came forward for this noble cause. This is an excellent idea of proving everyone masks so that each individual understands the need for it and will wear it whenever he goes out of his house.

In many Districts, the government permitted to go out till 12 noon, Many Sweets and Rakhi shops were open in the morning from 6 AM to 10 AM so that no one faces any problem of non-availability of Rakhi also these businesses don’t meet a massive loss as their shops are closed due to lockdown.

Due to the increasing cases of COVID-19 in Chhattisgarh government-imposed lockdown since 22 July which ends on 6 August and many festivals came during this time.
Rakha Bandhan is celebrated by everone in India and people celebrated this festival, many people went to their relative houses to tie Rakhi.


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