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Donate for the noble cause, help the needy in this pandemic situation, contribute in >> Read Reviews by the donors who helped.

Want to donate to the noble cause? Wait and know before donating; we are saying that nowadays, several fake websites are active in the name of Ngo’s and charity. In this section, we will take Reviews and find out whether it is legit or not?

More than thousands of charity works and social gatherings happen in the United States for a good cause. But few corrupt-minded people seek it as an opportunity to take over this noble cause by creating fake social media pages and websites.

What is

We all year 2020 will always be known as a curse to human society because millions of people lost their lives, lost jobs, and became homeless. But still, few people are willing to re-build the community by helping them financially and morally.

During this pandemic, many helping hands came forward for the sake of humanity to support the jobless, need ones, and poor ones. We found few Reviews claimingto be a charity website. They take donations and helps people to support them and to provide them permanent or temporary stays.

Pros of

  • Provide temporary arrangements for stays for homeless people in the United States
  • They collect food, wear from restaurants and donors for the needy ones.
  • They take care of homeless children, a runaway from home, or displaced by unusual circumstances.
  • They have social media pages that are actively working, connect and meet new people who can help, and give strength to continue the noble cause.
  • Doors are always open for the Safeplacetosleepwithout any discrimination. Men, women, kids, infants, teenagers are all welcome.

Cons of

  • As most of the team members are working professionals, a lack in the management structure can sometimes be seen.
  • The minimum contribution is $19, but if anyone wants to donate according to their perspective, like 5-10$, then they can’t contribute. So it is a negative factor.

Is the website legit or not?

It is essential to find out the reality of any NGO or charity to which you are donating because if it is not utilized for the cause properly, then the donation will be count as waste. In Safeplacetosleep.orgCEO Kevin Ryan is a known person who worked as a fundraiser and is in charity works for a long. 


We also found some clues that show that they are running a charity in the name of Covenant House, where poor and needy ones are treated for good. It is a legit website as they are also present on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter platforms.

Public reviews

To read the customer reviews, you can visit their social media pages and read the Reviews published over the internet. Many of those supported the CEO and commented on positive thoughts about the website. Few of them appreciated the team’s hard work and their regularity in working for the up-gradation of the needy ones.

Overall the public response is positive and satisfying by which you can trust.


The above-detailed information satisfied the essential requirement of trust; maybe they have pros and cons, but the cause is noble. The Reviews also show the legitimacy of the website. 

What do you think? Please share your thought upon this and throw some light for encouragement.


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