Spread Awareness Not Germs at Schools

Sanitation and supporting hygiene are two of the most important everyday actions every school can take to reduce the spread of illness-causing germs and viruses and other infectious diseases. It will help protect students and staff.

Disinfecting with surface cleaner products containing alcohol reduces germs and viruses on surfaces and objects by eliminating contaminants and may also diminish some of the virus particles, which eliminates the risk of infection from surfaces. Disinfecting highly touched surfaces and distributed objects once a day is usually enough to sufficiently remove a virus that may be on coverings. For more information on how to effectively get rid of germs and viruses, check out Trishul Home Care surface cleaner products that help removes any remaining germs on surfaces, which further diminishes any risk of spreading the virus.

Sanitize regularly or disinfect surfaces if certain conditions apply

  • High frequency of spreading germs in your community.
  • The low number of people carrying masks or inappropriate mask usage.
  • Dirty surroundings or bad hygienic places.
  • The area is filled with people at increased risk for critical illness from germs and viruses.

If anyone is infected in your surroundings

If someone in your surroundings is infected by any kind of disease, then it is high time to clean and disinfect that place quickly and more frequently. For more details and up-to-date information on cleaning and disinfecting safely, see Trishul Home Care’s best sanitation products in the market.

Use Multipurpose Surface Disinfectant Spray Safely

Multipurpose Surface Disinfectant Spray is one of the alcohol-based disinfectant products that protect from illness-causing germs and viruses. It Kills 99.9% of all types of bacteria, germs, and viruses. It sanitizes and fumigates with one spray. There is no need to wipe the surface after you have applied this spray as its long-lasting effect will do the needful. You can use this disinfectant spray for mobiles, keys, keyboards, switches, door handles, toilet seats, glass tops, metal items, counterparts, staircase railings, lift buttons, desktop, remote controls, TV, home, and office interiors. It is the WHO-recommended product that should be used frequently. This product is highly recommended for use in toilets in public places.

While using the disinfectant products, make sure to read and follow the directions on how to use disinfecting products. It should not be used by children or near children. You can consider air-conditioning system upgrades or enhancements and other steps to increase the transmission of clean air and reduce potential contaminants in the house.

Check waste accurately

Understand your school’s standard methods for controlling waste, which may involve wearing gloves, masks, and other mandatory things. Make sure to follow standard methods and appropriate guidance specific to school for merest standards for sanitation and disinfection.

Disinfect High touch Surfaces in Your Surroundings

  • Sanitize highly touched surfaces such as door handles, car keys, mobiles, desktop, sink handles, drinking fountains, switches, and many more within the school at least once a day or as often as needed (for example, when visibly messy).
  • Restrict sharing of lunch and objects such as electronic devices, notebooks, pens, pencils, art supplies, lab equipment, and many more.
  • Workers must wash their hands after removing gloves or after touching used items or other objects near students who are uncovered.
  • If willing to sanitize, guarantee safe and correct use of cleaning products, including managing products securely.

Germonil Instant Hand Sanitizers – Effective and Efficient

  • Germonil Instant Hand sanitizers are very powerful than normal handwashing in some situations
  • Alcohol-based instant hand sanitizers kill 99.9% of germs and viruses when used perfectly. Nevertheless, hand sanitizers do not eradicate all types of germs and viruses, including some bacteria that cause diarrhea.
  • Instant Hand sanitizers are very powerful when hands are visibly dirty or oily.

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