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Top 5 destinations of Sikkim

Discover “Top 5 destinations of Sikkim” Sikkim is a paradise nestled in the North-East part of India with magnetic views of the great Himalayas. If you haven’t thought of exploring the beauty of this magnificent state, then you are truly missing something wonderful.

Sikkim is like wonders in a small package with bewitching meadows, snow-capped and the sky-piercing Himalayas, and the mesmeric charm of its vibrant culture. You can reach Sikkim from any part of India via air, railways, or by hitting the road. 

Sikkim’s improved connectivity with the rest of the country, even being landlocked with other sister states in North-East, has coaxed so many tourists every year. 

This place is nice, but the people of Sikkim are nicer. You get to explore some impressive hospitality from this place. You can check out below the mentioned “Top 5 destinations of Sikkim” to plan your excursion perfectly.


It is the capital city of Sikkim, and its beauty justifies it being one of the prominent cities in the state. Incredibly beautiful, exuberant, and garlanded with clouds all over. 

Sikkim is blessed with the cultural and historical significance Gangtok adds to the pride of this state. 

To catch majestic glimpses of mighty Mt. Kanchenjunga, you must land to Gangtok while exploring Sikkim. If you come to Gangtok from March to Mid-May, you’ll be received with the fragrance of Rhododendrons spread throughout the city. 

Gangtok is considered one of the beautiful hill stations in India; if looking for a place to catch an aerial view of the city, visit Ganeshtok and Tashi viewpoint, etc.


It is the second most favorite spot in Sikkim after Gangtok. It coaxes thousands of travelers who seek peace in the lap of nature and to be surrounded by gigantic views. This town is the paradise of trekkers and peace lovers. 

You can easily reach Pelling from other main attractions in Sikkim like Gangtok and Darjeeling as it is around 131 km and 73 km from them, respectively. 

Whenever you plan to visit Pelling, always choose to come here between December and May as it is the best time to visit Pelling. You can enjoy winter, spring, and summer if you come to this enticing town during this time. 

Never miss the chance to enjoy lip-smacking North-Eastern food in Pelling.

Teesta River

Teesta River is like a magical delight for visitors who get mesmerized by its shiny wilderness with which it flows tirelessly. You can come to visit the Teesta River in winter when the river appears in the frozen state and enhance the beauty of the season with its view, or you can visit the Teesta River in summer to relish the blooming flowers and shiny water of this river. 

River rafting and kayaking are some most loved activities in Teesta River by its visitors. You can catch a glimpse of the Sangam of Teesta River along with its tributary, the Rangeet River, whenever you travel to the majestic place. 

Another major attraction of the Teesta River is Dikchu Bridge which you can check out on your way to Lachung.


It is a mountain pass that is forever a favorite place for adventure lovers and trekkers. This is famous for hiking and skiing, satisfying the soul of a traveler who lands in Sikkim for some adrenaline rush experiences. 

If you are not many fans of trekking and hiking, you can still count on this enticing place as you can relish the majestic views of Mt. Kanchenjunga.


Nathula Pass is around 53 km away from the main city of Gangtok. Apart from being one of the best tourist places in Sikki, this place is a politically essential point of Sikkim. Nathula Pass connects India to Tibet, which creates an amalgamation of Indian and Tibetan culture. 

There is a famous border trade market called – Sherathang, from where you can buy a sovereign for yourself and your friends. You can even shop for Tibetan items from this vibrant market. 

Zero Point/ Lachung

If you are a nature lover or have a great desire to see the various types of flora and fauna, then Lachung is the best place you can choose on your Sikkim trip. It is a mountain hamlet that is having a flower valley very near to it. This destination is just 118 km from Gangtok and is known to attract visitors.

Zero-point is a very near site to lachung, known for the snow peaks that the place is filled with. The way to Zero-point is completely fragranced and is close to the Indo-china border. You can see the three places at once and will be good if you are a nature or snow lover.

What are the reviews from the visitors?

Sandesh shares his reviews,

‘Gangtok is a mind-blowing place situated in Sikkim state. It is an expensive area above all. But the views from the hotel verandahs are so attractive. I went to this place once in 2018 during Holi time. All of the mountain lovers should visit that site at least once.’

Rishab says,

‘I visited all the above places a year ago. The way the system of traffic, shops, etc., work is so organized. The destination feels like another foreign country. Even though they are out for shopping, the people there dress well, and women there often do touch-ups when they are out from home. I surely suggest this place for travel destinations.’ 

We hope you liked our collection of “Top 5 destinations of Sikkim.” Please leave your thoughts in the comment box and let us know your choice of the moment.

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