Top money saving tips for first-time visitors to London

Have you booked a flight from USA to London to travel to London as a first-time traveler? And are looking for budget-friendly ways to travel across London? Find them here with the top money saving tips for first-time visitors to London.

While many consider London as an expensive traveling destination, there are ways to cheap travel London. All you need to do is make a proper plan in advance and you can travel to London for cheap. 

Let’s know the top money saving tips for first-time visitors to London

Walk around the city

Well, walking around London won’t cost you a penny, and it is probably the best way to explore the city. Instead of taking cab rides everywhere, mark the places that can be explored through walking. Plus, the London city center is compact, and it is easy to explore it with a long walk around it. 

There are many benefits of exploring London on foot, and cost-saving is one of them. While the other benefits include being able to explore London at your own pace. The best places to explore with a walk-in London include a walk along the River Thames nearby the London’s Eye.

Invest in an Oyster Card

Although London has a compact city center, the city is wide enough for you to cover it by your feet. And thus, instead of having unrealistic expectations from your legs, you must invest in an Oyster card. This card is the smartest and cheapest way to travel across London using public transportation. 

The other thing you can do to make your London trip better is to choose a beautiful bus route. Like instead of taking a trip to a garden, take a route with better natural views to someplace else. This will not only help you save money but will also make you collect more experiences.

Make a list of the places with free entry

Well, despite being called an expensive traveling location, London provides free entry to most of its travel destinations. And most of them are popular museums, noteworthy galleries, and buildings of importance. 

The best way to cheaply travel to London is to make a list of the places that the city provides free entry to. After making the list, select the places that grab your most interest to include them in your travel plan. While making your travel plan to London, keep destinations in order of their locations. This will help you save transportation costs as you won’t have to re-visit the same locations again and again. 

Some of the best places in London that charge no entry fee are the Natural History Museum, British Museum, and the Tate Modern.

Keep an eye on special offers

As booking a flight to London and a return flight from London to USA is one of the biggest travel expenses, minimize it. Thus, monitor different airline websites to find great offers on ticket deals. 

For the starter, you can start checking for flight tickets to London 6 months earlier than your flight. Also, to get the cheapest tickets to London, book them 4 to 1 month before your flying schedule.

Make proper use of vouchers

If you are a regular flier with a specific airline, then you must have won a few vouchers from them. And your trip to London is the best time to redeem these vouchers. Most of the airlines provide free miles to their regular fliers that can get cheap air tickets later. Check with your regular airline that if you have some miles and use them to get a cheaper flight to London. 

You can also check with your traveling credit card company for the gifted vouchers. Most of the credit card vouchers offer you discount on hotel and ticket bookings. You can use these coupons to get cheap accommodation in London.

Travel during budget-friendly times

London is a popular European traveling destination, it faces off traveling season. And winters are part of the traveling off-season in London. Making winters the best time to take a trip to London without breaking your bank. If your budget doesn’t allow you to visit London during summers, then ditch it for winters. 

Winners are a great time to visit London, especially the festive season. Although a trip to London is cheaper during winters, the city looks much more magical during this time. London is closer to the best skiing resorts, so if you are into skiing, then winter will be the perfect time for you to visit London.

Although people who hate sudden rain showers must avoid visiting London in September and October. As the weather in London is highly unpredictable during autumn and winters. You can also book accommodation with free breakfast facilities. And eat breakfast as the main meal of the day besides dinner to save the cost of having lunch here. 

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