Top Places To Visit In Central Europe

Planning a holiday for the most popular parts of Central Europe and looking for the best one for a holiday? Or searching for the best holiday destinations in Central Europe? Find them with our guidebook on top places to visit in Central Europe.

Europe is a continent that enjoys continuous attractions of travelers from all over the world. Central Europe is tucked between the western and eastern European regions and all of them have a separate fan base. The Centre of Central Europe is the home to one of its most popular states Germany. And thus we can say by taking direct flights to Germany from USA you will land at the heart of Europe. 

Central Europe is home to many beautiful destinations, enjoying great popularity among travelers. And thus, it becomes difficult for travel bugs to choose that which part of Central Europe they should visit next. Here, we are presenting you the solution with the list of the top places to visit in Central Europe.


The beautiful capital of the Chezch Republic, Prague is a popular traveling destination in Central Europe. Being a destination that enjoys great weather throughout the year, Prague is the first choice for many travelers. While most travelers prefer to visit Prague in the summers, winters are the most heavenly time to visit the city. 

Prague hosts the best Christmas markets across Europe and is the most joyous city to celebrate Christmas. Thus, no matter what time of the year you are planning a holiday, you can visit here for beautiful experiences. 


The beautiful Polish city, Krakow, welcomes you to an older pace of life. Take direct flights to Poland from USA to enjoy an old-school trip to this beautiful city. There are many beautiful experiences that Krakow provides to its tourists. And one of them is to take a ride in a wooden cart pulled by horses throughout the city.

Along with the beautiful experiences, Krakow is also rich in Jewish history. The city also hosts many intimate cafes and cool hipster bars. Spend your time here sharing a drink with your friends.


The popular Hungarian capital, Budapest, is surely the most popular travel location in Central Europe. The city is beautiful inside out and has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. This beautiful city has a lot of history to explore and thus is a popular destination among history buffs. Here, you can find traces of the Roman culture with a perfect blend of the youth.

Budapest is a city that represents both its history and youth beautifully. The city offers many things to do and places to visit its visitors along with beautiful views. Top places to visit here include Opera House, Houses of Parliament, and St. Stephen’s Basilica.


Sharing its borders with Austria, Fussen is a beautiful town with gorgeous greens. If you are planning a holiday with nature then you must visit Fussen. Along with its beautiful natural sceneries, the town is also famous for its grand castles. And the city owns many beautiful castles that are open for travelers to visit. 

One of the most important places to visit in the city is Hohes Schloss, a roman built rest stop. This rest stop was built in 47 A.D and has white walls with a beautiful red rooftop. Along with this, Fussen hosts many beautiful traveling locations having great historical importance. 

Lake Bled

If you are a fan of beautiful sceneries and freshwater then plan a visit to Lake Bled. This beautiful lake is covered with luscious greens from all sides and a clear sky. Lake Bled is a beautiful spot, perfect for a weekend getaway. If you are visiting Slovenia, then you must add a trip o Lake Bled to your travel plans.

The lake is also home to a beautiful island, and you take a motorboat to reach its center. There are both traditional wooden boats and modern motorboats available here to row on Lake Bled.

Along with this, there is also Bled Castle nearby, standing ready for your visit. Things to do on your trip to Lake Bled include hiking, swimming, sunbathing, and boating.


Well, you can’t find more friendly locals than Austrians in the who Central Europe. And Vienna is the perfect place to feel home away from home. The beautiful Austrian capital has been the home of many popular figures including Mozart and Lenin. And thus, is the best city to find your long-lost inspiration to become better at your work. 

There are many experiences that you must experience while your stay in Vienna. And the top one is to communicate with the locals and get to know more about Vienna. The other best experiences include visiting the Vienna State Opera.


If you are looking for great skiing resorts in Central Europe, then you must visit Zermatt this winter. Zermatt is a famous mountain resort that enjoys a good popularity among skiers. Here you can find the perfect conditions for skiing with rugged mountain tops and snowy streets.

You can see the best views here from its highest viewpoint, the Matterhorn mountain peak. Along with being popular for skiing, this resort is also popular among climbers all year round. The beautiful town is 1,600 meters above sea level and isn’t the place for people who fear heights. Zermatt is a popular tourist destination in Central Europe and thus stays busy throughout the year. The main street of the town hosts many restaurants, hotels, and cafes ensuring a comfortable stay for its guests.


A popular Austrian traveling location, Salzburg enjoys good popularity across Central Europe. This beautiful city shares its borders with Germany is one of the best traveling locations in Central Europe. Also, the city is the center of scenic beauty, sharing scenic beauty with its visitors. 

Salzburg is a rich traveling location, having mountains, rivers, lakes, and a beautiful city. So, no matter what kind of experiences you are looking for, you can experience them in Salzburg. The most iconic places to visit in the city include the birthplace of Mozart.

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