Top places to visit in New York City

Are you planning a trip to New York City and are looking for the tickets? Or have you already booked flights to NYC and flights to India from NYC for the same? Or are you looking for the best places to explore on your visit to NYC, America? Or are searching for the most popular travel attractions in New York City? Find them here with the guidebook on the top places to visit in New York City.

One of the greatest cities in the world, New York houses everything that a tourist can be looking for. Offering a buffet of activities to be a part of and places to visit New York City greets travelers with amazing opportunities. Different travelers visit NYC with varied goals and the city never fails to provide them with the things they desire. Some travelers visit New York City to stand in awe of its skyscraper towers while others love its hippy vibe. However, no matter what you want to experience in the city, NYC will greet you with the better ones.

 Let’s know the top places to visit in New York City-

Statue of Liberty

One of the seven wonders of the world, the Statue of Liberty, is one of the most iconic statues in the world. Topping every first-time traveler’s list, the Statue of Liberty is known worldwide and is made of copper. If it’s your first trip to America, then you must start your trip by visiting this iconic statue in America. This statue was gifted by France to America, and it symbolizes the freedom of America.

Also, the Statue of Liberty is one of the tallest and most popular statues weighing over 4,50,000 pounds. Further, don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the nearby travel attractions to the Statue of Liberty.

Central Park

One of the most calming places in NYC, Central Park, is the perfect place for a day picnic in America. Made up of hilly slopes, parks, gardens, and bridges, Central Park enjoys beautiful surroundings. Allowing its visitors to enjoy a slower pace of life, this park is the perfect spot to take a fresh breath of air. Covering over a wide piece of land, Central Park is one of the most calming and peaceful places in NYC.

Further, not only it allows its visitors a break, but it also allows them to grab a fresh breath of air. In winters, the park gets covered with snow and starts to look like a fairytale location. Central Park has many attractions within its borders and it is also one of the most affordable places in NYC. For a budget-friendly stay in NYC, you can have a day picnic in Central Park as a part of your travel plan. Also, make a flight ticket reservation now to enjoy cheap tickets to NYC.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

A perfect place for history bugs and art lovers, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is popular in NYC. Founded in 1870, this museum brings you closer to American history through its wide collection of historical artifacts. Housing over two million pieces of art, spanning over 5000 years, this museum is a treat for history buffs.

Here, you can enjoy exhibitions exhibiting some of the world’s most famous pieces and artifacts. Located in northern Manhattan, this museum has everything a history and art buff can ask for.

Theater District

Attending a Broadway show is one of the best experiences offered by New York City to its visitors. And the theater District s the right place to enjoy a popular broadway show in NYC. Also, if you are planning to watch a popular show then consider booking your tickets in advance. Because the most popular Broadway show tickets are easily sold out here. Theater District is the perfect place to enjoy any Broadway show from a collection of the latest shows to evergreen classics.

Empire State Building

One of the most famous landmarks of New York City, Empire StateBulding was once popular as the tallest building in the world. One of the key tourist spots of the city, this building contains 102-stores and has a total length of 381 meters. Further, this building has enjoyed the spot of the tallest building in the world for a long time and hence enjoys great popularity. Standing on the US land since 1931 this building became a popular attraction from the day it started taking its final shape.

9/11 Memorial and Museum

The twin of The World Trade Centre’s twin 110-story towers, the 9/11 Memorial is a museum that signifies the tragic loss of 9/11. 9/11 was one of the biggest suicide attacks in American history and this museum signifies the pain and distress related to it. This museum is the place to pay tribute to the 3,000 people that were killed in the 9/11 attacks.

Times Square

One of the most crowded places in NYC, Times Square is lit up with huge billboards during the evening. The place to enter the heart of the city, Times Square is the perfect NYC location to enjoy New Year celebrations. A great place to relate to the busy lifestyle of NYC city, Times Square is a popular space in NYC.

Brooklyn Bridge

Providing the most amazing top views of New York City, this bridge represents the Gothic style architecture. One of the most popular American landmarks, Brooklyn Bridge has inspired many songwriters and artisans over decades. Joining the banks of the East River, Brooklyn Bridge is a wood plank walkaway. Standing beyond the Statue of Liberty, this bridge is best for taking a bike ride. 

Grand Central terminal

Popularly known as the Grand Central Station, Grand Central Terminal acts as a popular landmark in NYC. Boasting a grand staircase and gorgeous architectural design this terminal is a must-visit here. Residing at 42nd Park Avene, Grand Central Terminal enjoys several eateries and restaurants. 

Rockefeller Centre

One of the most popular places to be in New York City, Rockefeller Centre provides magical feels. Further, this center enjoys a very rich history that amazes every traveler visiting the city. 

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