What is a Fortinet Training Certification?

Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT), a global leader in comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, integrated and automated, today announced the launch of its fully independent online training program for free online trainers.

Fortinet runs 24 free storage systems covering topics ranging from SD-WAN, cloud storage and access storage, among others. Most courses from the Institute of Expert Network Security Expert curriculum, previously owned by Fortinet partners are free, but will now be open to anyone interested.

This study will be free for the remainder of 2020 to help meet the needs of fast-changing teams with a scattered and isolated workforce. These courses also provide students with the opportunity for anyone looking to start a career in cybersecurity to learn new skills or capacity building.

Fortinet’s NSE Institute now offers a wide range of free levels of training, whether it’s for broad cyber literacy or a fortinet training certification.

Increasing risks with dedicated employees

Globally, organizations had to quickly adjust their protocols to help their employees switch from their antiquated work environment to remote teleworking. To ensure business continuity, IT teams are concerned with ensuring that all members of their organization are adequately equipped to access much more valuable resources and resources for corporate integration. Similarly, cybercriminals are taking advantage of an unprecedented event in remote access to hard data and data by seeking security features and changing attack methods targeting user communities.

According to a recent survey by ISC2, approximately two-thirds of companies lacked the qualified personnel necessary to maintain security operations. With an attack speed fast than a distributed As more staff are needed, IT teams need more extensive security skills than ever before to protect their organizations.

Free training to improve safety skills over time

Fortinet uses the curriculum of the NSE’s training and certification program to offer 24 free university courses to help IT professionals develop their security skills and take on new risks.

By learning about Fortinet technologies such as FortiGate, FortiNAC and FortiManager, training participants gain more knowledge on how to protect networks from threats. Registered demos for these courses will be available for viewing on demand and in addition to the regular meeting meetings with Fortinet Certified Coaches. During these life plans, coaches will be available for promotional research and for Q&A programs. Anyone who wants to start a free Fortinet tutorial can visit here.

For anyone interested in training options other than self-paced, Fortinet offers a global network of Authorized Training Centers (ATCs) in a variety of formats, offering entry as a live virtual instructor leader.

The NSE Institute ‘s History of Tackling the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

The introduction of additional cybersecurity courses today builds on Fortinet’s efforts to address the cyber-skills gap through training and education. With over 300,000 NSE certifications achieved, Fortinet established the NSE Institute in 2015, including the NSE training and certification program, the Fortinet Network Security Academy, and the Fortinet Veterans program. In addition, Fortinet was named “Professional Certification Program of the Year” at the 2019 CyberSecurity Breach Awards.

As part of the program’s free training catalog, Fortinet offers induction cyber-awareness courses to anyone through NSE 1 and NSE 2 levels. In addition, FortiGate Essentials training has recently been added. short as an additional course for anyone interested in learning how to use firewall, user authentication, access and SSL VPN policies.

Securing the Expanding Attack Surface Beyond Free Training

Fortinet is committed to customers and partners not only with training but also with existing tools built into Fortinet FortiGate firewalls. For example, Fortinet customers still have their remote server solutions installed in their FortiGate firewalls that can be used at no extra cost. Powered by competent security protections (SPUs), FortiGates can add high capacity. Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN solution integrates all of FortiGate’s tools, providing customers with inexpensive connections for their branch staff, improving their performance. With Fortinet free FortiClient software can quickly install all business and their own devices to build encrypted VPN connections on the business network.

expanding surface attacks and power to perform much-needed actions now and in the future. Only the Fortinet Security Fabric platform can meet the most complex security and data security challenges across entire digital operations, whether in networked, on-demand, multi-cloud or virtual environments. Fortinet ranks # 1 among the safest shipping tools worldwide and has more than 440,000 trusted Fortinet customers to protect their business. A technology company and training company, the Fortinet Network Security Institute holds one of the largest and most knowledgeable online training courses in the industry.


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