What to Do With Your Old Phone

The phrase old is gold might be old but it never goes out of phone style. It is also true that you must realize the value of old things and not toss them away just because they aren’t as energetic or shiny as they used to be. This doesn’t mean you should hold onto old clothes with torn patches and never consider investing in a new wardrobe collection or maybe use a toothbrush for years and years just because it is too old to be treated harshly.

The right way here is while you get all attracted to new things, there must be a proper way to say goodbye to old ones. Even if it’s your favorite t shirt that doesn’t fit you anymore, your toys or your favorite books, these things can always be donated to charity but when it comes to your old phone? Here are some new ways to deal with your old phone before you get all distracted in new one.

Memory Keeper

Our phones come with a good storage since they hold your memories, hangouts, details, and all the other great times with friends and family. Just because the cell phone doesn’t have service doesn’t mean it’s of no use. While most people use laptops or other hard disks to keep their memories safe you can also keep them in your old phone, charge it turn it on and relive those happy moments again.

Instant Cash

Most of us let go of a smarter model when buying a new phone just because we were a little low on cash. Always remember, when it comes to phones, little by little make a difference and if you want to make your own contribution in buying a new phone then here is a great idea. Instead of just keeping your old phone close to your heart, exchange it for instant cash.

Yes, there are many popular names offering instant cash in exchange of phones and you can this way ensure your old phone is disposed of in an environmental friendly way. This also eliminates the risk of your pictures being misused. A popular practice is to use the Ecoatm promo codes to get instant cash instead of your phone.

Use it Differently

Smartphones aren’t just phones anymore they are all the facilities combined in one. For instance they offer, stop watch, video player, music player, games, note pads and everything. Your old smartphone could be your diary. It could be your new stop watch while you do those planks. It could just be a past time to play games or who knows you can make a media player out of it for the car.

Just as many features as your old phone has, it can be kept safe for either purposes. Not only it will save you money, but while playing a round of playlist during the long road trip you won’t have to worry about the charging ending.

Pass it on

Our parents or grandparents are not picky when it comes to having a phone. All they need is a network connection that will link them with their kids or maybe a little time on social media where they can enjoy funny videos and watch some serious news. As you upgrade to a new phone it isn’t always necessary that your old one doesn’t work at all. Maybe you are just bored of it or have your heart set on a new on.

So rather than just wasting that old buddy give it to someone from your family. What’s not good for you might work for others.

Donate it to Charity

Consider donating your phone to a charity if it still has some life left in it but you won’t be using it. Cell Phones for Soldiers, for example, will find a new and grateful home for your old (functioning) phone. You may also see if any local shelters are interested in taking it off your hands.

Security Camera

Security setting is expensive but much needed. Rather than getting those big cameras and setting up a whole system, you can make use of your old phone for the best security purposes.

Simply convert an old phone into a home security camera if it’s no longer in use. Install a security camera app on both your old and new devices, then place the old phone where you need it, making sure it has electricity. A suction cup mount for an automobile is a good example of what you can do. Then log in with your current smartphone and watch the feed from your previous one.

Give it to Your Kids

If your child is too curious to get a phone but they haven’t reached the right age to get cellular connectivity yet, then you can use your old phone for this purpose. Give them your old phone that has some games, videos and music. Sometimes the kids are just curious to get what others have. And once you see the screen time is under control you can buy them their own phone or establish connectivity into this one.

Just for Video Calls

The person whose phone is the receiver of video calls is always waiting for the call to end. This can also be a threat to their privacy if they are not comfortable about sharing their phone with a bunch of people. This is where you can repurpose an old phone. A phone that belongs to no one can belong to anyone.

If you use Zoom, FaceTime, or any other video chat platform a lot these days, your old smartphone may act as a dedicated video chat interface as long as you have good Wi-Fi connectivity. The kids don’t have to borrow your phone to contact Grandma or their pals or vice versa, and your smartphone is still available for incoming calls and other notifications.

Recycle It

You’ll have to get rid of your phone if none of the aforementioned options work for you–perhaps it’s damaged beyond repair or utterly outdated. However, the garbage isn’t in the proper location; it must be recycled.


Alexa Jhon is a B2B Digital Marketing veteran, with close to 10 years client experience in web marketing project management and corporate training.

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