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Wants to enjoy Rooster war match live then you must read Reviews >> Know all about live events, fixtures. You can also do betting and can play games online.

Man is the most intelligent among all the living organisms. He has been using animals and birds for centuries. During ancient times, animals helped him in work and had been the source of his entertainment. With the revolution in the field of science and technology, man has made changes in his lifestyle. Our Reviews will tell you about the websites like that involve animals for amusement.

In countries like the Philippines, people are still interested in animal fights, and they watch their games enthusiastically.

What is has been an online platform that allows gamers to watch live fights between the roosters. This game involves 4-5 minutes of the animal fight, and the alive rooster after the fight is considered the winner. 

Such activities where animals and birds are indulged in battles to kill and injure them just for entertainment have been banned in most countries. It is strange to know that they are still prevalent in some areas. is a World Pit Cup association that organizes rooster events, and players bring their best roosters for fighting. People from different countries have been involved in this spectacle. 

The individuals can even play this game for free just by login into the website and inserting an email id and other necessary information on the site. As soon as we add our info, we get registered and can play after getting approval. But one needs to have at least a hundred points to play the game.

Now, according to a video, this website shows an error as we log .in. Our impartial Reviews can help you to know whether this site is genuine or a fraudster.


  • Free online gaming platform
  • Domain purchased to date: 19 December 2020
  • A person can play by making a free account on this website.
  • One can play only if he has attained 100 points.
  • Earn money by betting on the roosters
  • This game is hugely famous in some countries like the Philippines.
  • Social Media account available on Facebook

Pros of

  • An ancient source of entertainment
  • Free platform for playing an online game

Cons of

  • Involves animal cruelty
  • It is a sin to kill and injure animals just for enthusiasm.
  • It is a betting and gambling game.

Is legit or a scam?

The website may be legit, but it involves roosters in fighting that can kill or injure themselves. Most of the countries of the world have banned such types of events. It is strange to know that it is still prevalent in some regions. Our Reviews reveal that some of the NGOs and Animal Rights Associations have objected to the organization of such games.


Customer Reviews

Some people are happy to watch such events, and they play this game on the website. They earn money by betting on animals. However, these types of games have been banned worldwide. Anyone playing in these games and betting can face punishment.

Those who are animal enthusiasts consider it a sin to get involved in betting or enjoying rooster fights.


Through the survey and Reviews, we can conclude that it is cruel to involve animals and birds in flight just for enthusiasm. Today, worldwide citizens are aware of their rights and the rights of small birds and animals. This type of culture has been banned and discouraged in most countries. So, people should spend their time playing other games.

 The birds and animals are God’s creatures just like us, and they must be saved. The viewers can share their thoughts with us by putting their views on our website’s comment section.


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